Peronne Manufacturing

If there is one thing that Music n’ Echo understands, it’s the power of networking! Using fiber optic connections, Music and Echo was able to create the exact PA system which the client needed. Perrone Manufacturing and Super Centre Retail Distribution Warehouse are individual companies located in separate buildings next to each other in an “L” formation about 1500ft apart. Music n’ Echo cleverly devised a unique PA system, which allows each building to initiate their internal announcements independent of each other. However, what makes this system extraordinary is that at the push of a button, the PA system gives access to both companies, allowing either of them to set off an emergency alert which plays through both of their individual systems simultaneously, allowing everyone on the compound to receive important warning messages at the same time. This customized installation was designed using London Architect Software. The interior of the buildings also features Pendant speakers strategically placed throughout each warehouse…Please see pictures of installs.

Once again, Music n’ Echo was able to design a quality, bespoke, state of the art audio system, which met the customer’s needs.

See recommendation letter from BS&T regarding the success of this installation.